Michael G. Plautin


Michael G. Plautin was born to a Russian emigre family in Paris, France in 1928. His parents from old military aristocratic families had to leave Russia in the early 20ies after the communist take over. Soon his father’s employment as an engineer took him to Morocco then to Algeria. In 1945 most of his family having perished there in an air raid in 1945, during World War II, Michael returned to Paris to live with an uncle and finish his high school studies. In 1950 he came to the United States and served in the Armed Forces during the Korean War. Afterwards he graduated from Stanford University in 1956, with an engineering degree and became employed by North American Aviation in Los Angeles.

Michael was married the following year. He and his wife Nina, whose father was a physician, a Russian emigre via Iran, had a daughter who died in infancy following an unsuccessful heart surgery. Michael pursued business administration studies at night at UCLA. Michael and Nina started a real estate investment program in 1960. By 1980, they both had left their employment for semiretirement.

Michael had studied operatic singing and was performing at times during Alexandra Merger’s fund raising events. Both took an interest in the St John of Kronstadt Home development project. Upon her death, and at her request, Michael became the next president of the Home who by then (1990) had been in operation for eight years. Nina became the President of the Ladies Committee, involved in the many activities without which an operation such a non-profit old age home cannot function; activities which reach into the community and promote the necessary, constructive, daily relationships and lend a presence to the Home.

The Home now 31 year old has served many in the Russian community. and in 2013 is now under the presidency of Sergio Bazarevitsch, vice president of Brown Caldwell construction, Michael having retired for health reasons. Michael remains a director at large and finds the Home a very comfortable place to reside at a reasonable cost. In particular he enjoys the care that his health condition demands.