Alexandra l. Merger, was born in Kronstadt in 1905, a difficult time for Russia. in her teens she had to leave the country, following her older sister and family first to Norway, then permanently to Czechoslovakia. Times were difficult for them and Alexandra had to give up her studies and help support the family.
During the war and for the rest of her life, she assisted not only her family but Russian compatriots who had come West and often shared with them her meager income. in 1950 she came to the United States and once back on her feet extended her help to old and lonely Russians, trying to find them a familiar environment, a Russian home.
She spent many dedicated years In this endeavor, collecting small contributions to achieve her goal. Under her direction, with the help of the St John of Kronstadt Society, a home was purchased on Mariposa Ave in Los Angeles; then in 1982 it was replaced with a new 19 room retirement home built in the same vicinity on Serrano Street.

Widowed in 1976, she devoted the rest of her life to the needs of the Home. Alexandra I. Merger ended her earthly travails on December 4, 1990.
Thanks to her efforts many a Russian speaking elderly, at the end of his or her life, can find a shelter with all the care and the warmth of home, the St John of Kronstadt Home. With Alexandra I. Merger, gone and thanks to generous donors, the Home, a non-profit organization continues to serve the Russian Community